What you can expect...

Helping Hand

Prometheus Foundation support includes all of your business finance, consulting, project/program capitalization and due diligence documentation needs !

What you get

Help at your fingertips...

You can expect new ideas.

Nobody provides a sharper, more intelligent business approach to helping you create a very profitable future than Prometheus Foundation. Our creativity and depth of knowledge is unparalleled in the business arena. You’ll see it during your very first call and all the way thru the course of the assignment.

You can expect determination. Nobody will work as long or as hard for you as the team from Prometheus Foundation.

YOur Companion

What we see in you...

The burning drive to create an outcome, not Tust an idea.

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a determined road warrior with entrepreneurial élan, we see the same things and use the same approaches in creating the necessary prerequisites for a successful transaction launch, turnaround or equity funding.

We look for concepts, management teams and programs that are taking the next big step forward. What we see in you is the same thing we see in ourselves

Due diligence

It's the quality, stupid...

Our commitment focuses on the quality and depth of detail

Our services commitment allows us to provide a quality guarantee to clients seeking due diligence reporting and business planning services. Our market niche and service theory revolves around the premise that a well-documented transaction will stand out from the crowd and thereby attract capital.

A prototypical due diligence analysis and presentation are original, professionally-formatted and presented material. What was it the other firm told you to expect?

Nancy Watson