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Prometheus Foundation

Prometheus Foundation will help you to grow in this changing environment, businesses need to innovate so as to keep themselves relevant and competitive.

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End-to-end programs.

The Foundation helps with the development of a full business plan including organizational structure, marketing and branding, financial projections, and fundraising strategies. This is customized based on the target users – what works for medical clinics may not work for social services programs – and can be integrated into your existing systems.

Industry We Serve

Pharma Industry

We help (Manufacturing) produce pharmaceutical products (pharmaceutical ingredients, vaccines, diagnostics). Their core business is not cosmetics or medical devices. They may well be producing consumer health products but only if the latter do not represent a significant proportion of their turnover.

Energy Sector

One of the major energy concerns with which we have been working for a very long time is that of oil and gas. Since biofuels as an industry are now gaining momentum, there has been a sudden surge in interest from all circles regarding it. The main reason being – global warming and climate changes.

Defence Sector

Our interest in defence Sector is based on an exhaustive study on the competitive landscape of the market with detailed analysis of industry trends and key market drivers that provides an insight into the country level analysis with regards to historical & forecasted market size, & technology trends and revenue forecast.


Our experience and expertise of years enables us to provide reliable support to IT Sector & offer complete assistance in every step to make them true multinational. We take utmost care of long term plan and accordingly formulate a plan for the same. This mitigates the risk factor & reduces chances of failure.


With an increasing expansion of manufacturing sector, Prometheus Foundation felt a growing need for their globalization. A large number of manufacturing businesses are opting to expand their business overseas by looking forward to outsourcing their products and even internal operations.

Health Sector

Globalization, Innovation and Healthcare Reform are most important niche to look into. If your company operates in the health sector, it is a good idea to understand how global trends might affect future opportunities and prospects. Our foundation will help you to grow in this changing environment


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