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Prometheus Foundation is a collective voice formed by group of companies from various sectors with a sole aim to give voice to smaller companies


We are supported & funded by consortium of Industries leader.

Prometheus Foundation is supported by a board of directors drawn from key sectors including business media, defence, health, education, pharma, finance, IT and manufacturing. Working with the trade association Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), we believe our experience and expertise can help set new standards in business assistance and give a voice to smaller companies that struggle to get heard above the noise of multi-national corporations.

Our aim is simple

Provide support who are looking inspiration on how to grow their businesses.

We also provide pro bono support for charities and community groups. We run this website independently but share brand values of various organization- honesty, integrity, hard work and a passion for helping businesses to achieve their ambitions. There’s absolutely no limit on what kind of businesses we’ll come in to support. And yes – this includes suggesting layoffs if necessary!

Our People

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Scott Sparks

Senior Advisor

Lucina Jensen

File Manager

Patrick Monahan

Senior Manager

Nicole Kennedy

Vice President


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