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That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sometimes it just seems impossible to grow beyond a certain level. For many business owners, it’s a matter of growth pains.

Well … there is a solution to this dilemma… a simple strategy that can help you grow your business exponentially in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you’ve found yourself in a plateau or ‘comfort zone’ in your company and would like to elevate past the limitations keeping you from growing, then take heed because we have some good news for you.

This is where our team at Prometheus Foundation  can help you grow.

What we do

We Support Companies to Grow Through Different Means

Pharmaceutical Industry

We help (Manufacturing) produce pharmaceutical products (pharmaceutical ingredients, vaccines, diagnostics). Their core business is not cosmetics or medical devices. They may well be producing consumer health products but only if the latter do not represent a significant proportion of their turnover.

Defence Sector

Our interest in defence Sector is based on an exhaustive study on the competitive landscape of the market with detailed analysis of industry trends and key market drivers that provides an insight into the country level analysis with regards to historical & forecasted market size, & technology trends and revenue forecast.

Energy Sector

One of the major energy concerns with which we have been working for a very long time is that of oil and gas. Since biofuels as an industry are now gaining momentum, there has been a sudden surge in interest from all circles regarding it. The main reason being – global warming and climate changes.

Manufacturing Sector

With an increasing expansion of manufacturing sector, Prometheus Foundation felt a growing need for their globalization. A large number of manufacturing businesses are opting to expand their business overseas by looking forward to outsourcing their products and even internal operations.

Technology Support

Our experience and expertise of years enables us to provide reliable support to IT Sector & offer complete assistance in every step to make them true multinational. We take utmost care of long term plan and accordingly formulate a plan for the same. This mitigates the risk factor & reduces chances of failure.

Health Sector

Globalization, Innovation and Healthcare Reform are most important niche to look into. If your company operates in the health sector, it is a good idea to understand how global trends might affect future opportunities and prospects. Our foundation will help you to grow in this changing environment

How Prometheus Foundation Helps

Our Foundation combines the Best Business Practices of small and large corporations.

Yes, you want your business to grow. However, first, it’s important to get things organized so that you can grow without growing your imperfections, as well. Most assume that all they need to succeed is to grow Sales. However, more businesses have "hit the wall" because of fast growth than because of measured growth, making sure that systems keep pace with growth.
How we help?

We discover the possibilities by gaining a deep understanding of your business, your competitors and consumers. We use a variety of proprietary research tools during an intense research process to learn about your market and industry, assess strengths and weaknesses and seek threats and opportunities. Our foundation start with the things you already know and then dig deeper to find the things you don’t.


The expert at our foundation helps to create conversations between consumers and brands, not just creating campaigns or initiating chatter. This mindset inspires our creativity. Through close partnership, the process becomes more exciting as we dream together. We like building strategies that work, but we love pushing the envelope to create memorable and effective campaigns that generate value for brand consumers.


We understands the importance of consumer behavior and psychology. The Prometheus Foundation works hand-in-hand with you to ensure a smooth transition with the launch of new assets. We use robust reporting systems to track online brand conversations across multiple media channels. We take great pride in being able to tell our clients exactly how conversations in digital spaces are affecting their bottom line.

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What can we help you overcome?

We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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